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宗次郎 あゆみ オカリナについて 年譜


Born in Tatebayashi city, Gunma prefecture.。
Starts to perform and produce ocarina.
Makes his debut as a recording artist.

Is in charge of the sound track for the NHK special program "The Great Yellow River". With its big success, he gains his position as a popular artist, only a year after his debut.
Participates in Asia Pop Music Festival held in Seoul, Korea, representing
Japan in September.

Appears on NHK TV "Yuku Toshi, Kuru Toshi".
Is in charge of CM music for Nomura Shoken.
Appears on Tokyo TV Network documentary program " Mystery of Extra Ancient Civilization, Labyrinth of Cappadcia in Turkey."

Holds concerts in Daibutsuden, Nara Todaiji in April, and in Hieizan Konponchudo (national treasure) in September.
Appears on Asahi TV "Sojiro plays Andes" in September.

Holds outdoor concerts in Tobetsuin, Nagoya in April, and Seiryuji, Aomori prefecture in September.
Holds memorial concert for 100th anniversary of Establishment of Kumamoto city, inside Kumamoto Castle Park in October.
Performs at Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture in February.
Transfers to Polydor (actual Universal Music).
Releases his first self producing album "Kidou" in October.
Holds outdoor concerts in Shoshazan Enkyoji in Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture and at Yoshinogari Remains in Saga prefecture.

Releases "Fuuto", an album composed with his thoughts towards the wind,in September.
Holds concert at Jodoji (national treasure) in Ono city, Hyogo prefecture.

Releases completion of theme on nature in three parts, including "Suishin", in September.
The three parts,−−"Kidou", "Fuuto", and "Suishin"−−win Planning Award of the 35th Japan Record Awards.
Holds outdoor concert in Neomura, Gifu prefecture, famous for natural treasure, fair black colored cherry trees.
( this event has been held every year since then.)
Appears in a concert held in Kushiro, Hokkaido as an event related with Ramsar Convention International Conference.
Publishes his first photo album "Sojiro ・ Hito−−Voyage to Xishuangbanna in China".
Performs as a guest of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra Special Regular Concert.
First to arrange classical music with ocarina.
Releases cover album "Tori no Uta" (Songs of Birds), a composition related to his musical roots in September. Releases Christmas album "Christmas",in November.
Holds successful joint concert with the orchestra in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, performing the first ocarina concerto ever played in the world.
Releases "Hikari no kuni・ Kokage no hana" an album including single in September.
Is in charge of CM music for Kubota Group. Receives the highest prize in TV Commercial Division.
Performs "Special Performance for the 100th Anniversary of Miyazawa Kenji−−Kingdom of the Wonderland, Ihatov" all over Japan in February.
Performs with New Vivaldi Concerto in Suntory Hall, in April.
Releases his first photo collection of poets "Original Scenery of Hometown"
from BNN Publishing.
Releases album "Japanese Spirit" in September.
Is in charge of music of the film "Ryokan" (original story by Setouchi Jakuchoユs )
Releases live album "acoustic world 42" recording his concert tour in May, 1996.
Releases album "Itoshi no mori, a-moll", the theme of which is Yakushima's primeval forest.
Holds outdoor concert in Sanjunoto, Wakayama prefecture in October.
Appears on the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Kagoshima broadcasting commemoration program "Miracle of Yakushima", being also in charge of the music.
Appears on NHK-BS TV "Sekai−−Waga Kokoro", a trip to Peru in South America.
Transfers to Kitty Enterprise (actual Universal Music).
Outdoor concert in Sannai Maruyama Remains, Aomori prefecture in July with an audience of twenty-thousand.
Releases album Mahoroba pondering on Jomon, a city of wonder, in September.
Releases cover album "Ocarina Etude−−a famous classical music played by Sojiro" in November.
Releases album "Ayumi" with a positive feeling towards the 21st century, in September.
Releases cover album "Ocarina Etude2−Sojiro plays favorite songs and collected famous music" with Japanese and worldwide songs, in December.
Holds complete live concert in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his music life, in July.
Releases album "Orion", the theme of which is Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, in September.
Holds outdoor concert in the precincts of Shuzenji, Shizuoka prefecture, in October.
Appears on memorial concert, invited by Slovenia (former Yugoslavia), in October.
Releases a set of two best albums "Best Selection", celebrating his 25 years of music life, in December.
Releases his third series of Etude "Ocarina Etude 3−−Duets" in April.
Holds outdoor concert celebrating 1400 years after the construction of Ikaruga-no-miya in Nara Horyuji, in August.
Releases album "The Quiet Earth", the sound theme of which is nature in the Northern Hemisphere, in September.
Releases "The Quiet Earth−−Sojiro featuring Shiratori Emiko" Maxi Single in October, words written and composed by Sojiro. (English lyrics)
Releases album "Ocarina Etude 4−−Church" focusing on church music, in November.
Holds live concert tour "Ocarina Etude" without using any acoustic materials, in December. Performs at about twenty places around Japan until
March 2002.
Releases "Sojiro's Original Best featuring voice", with selection focusing on voice, in January.
Releases new album "Iairaikere" ("Thank you" in Ainu), in September.
Also releases "Sojiro's two lives−−Original Scenery+Actual Scenery", in DVD and Video.
Holds another live concert tour "Ocarina Etude" without acoustical aids, due to the success of the last one, at 12 venues around Japan, in December.
Releases album “Ocarina Etude 5—Screen Music”, in January.
Appears on the NHK Satellite’s high-resolution digital TV program “Oze, Inochi-no-Shirabe: Ocarina Echoing over the Green Marsh”; composes its theme music “Haruka-naru Oze”, in August.
Releases double album “Ocarina Etude Collection--Request”, featuring 32 pieces from the top list of requests out of five series of “Ocarina Etude”; Concert tour under the same title, in September.
Composes and performs a suite “Mori-no-Symphony”, as the music director of the “27th National Ikuju-sai (arbor festival)” in Aichi Prefecture, in October.
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